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Panasonic Automatic MIG welder , Steel Rould Pot Automatic Welding Machine

Panasonic Automatic MIG welder , Steel Rould Pot Automatic Welding Machine

automatic tig welder

arc welding machine

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WL-YZ -1500

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Panasonic Automatic MIG welder , Steel Rould Pot Automatic Welding Machine




No. Item Data
1 Input Voltage 380V three-phase
2 Input current 15Ax3
3 Min welding thickness 0.2mm
4 Max welding thickness 3mm
5 Work piece max welding length 1500mm
6 Work piece max diameter 1000mm
7 Work piece min diameter 300mm
8 Welding gun moving speed 0.5m/sec




  1. Suitable clamping work piece thickness: 0.5-6.0mm
  2. Work piece max. Diameter: 860mm (Remark: Min. diameter depends on work piece length and mandrel size. )
  3. Welding cart operation precision: 0.4mm per 2 meters
  4. Key pressure: 0-75kg/cm
  5. Welding cart drive unit: precision rack and pinion




Automatic circular seam welding machine adopts argon arc welding machine as the welding power source. The stepping motor drives the welding gun to conduct constant speed movement. The moving speed and length is set through PLC; use pneumatic pressing plate to press to ensure the stability and consistency of welding; the action program of the whole machine is controlled by PLC; use the touch screen to input data.



Main Body:The main body is made of good quality steel plate. Reasonable rigid structure. Ensure the main body has enough rigidity and stability to support the machine when conducting high speed welding.


Power Source: Both the imported pulse AC and DC from “Panasonic, OTC” or argon arc welding machine from famous brand as the welding power source. The minimum thickness of sheet is 0.2mm.


Pressurized structure: Adopt pneumatic components of famous brands as the pressurized source of the machine. The upper part will press down while the lower part will rise up. To ensure the reasonable machine structure and to coordinate with fast locating structure to conduct welding locating.


Welding Control System: Adopt electricity and gas, coordinating with transmission mechanism to form the overall operation network. Use Japan Panasonic PLC as the central processing unit to transmit all kinds of data. Easy debugging and convenient operation.


Cooling System: Adopt parallel connection embedding cooling system. Forced water cooling. Provide guarantee for high frequency and long time working.





This machine is applicable to welding of iron and stainless steel product. The thickness of welding work piece could be range from 0.2mm to 3mm. The length and diameter of welding work piece could be customized




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Panasonic Automatic MIG welder , Steel Rould Pot Automatic Welding Machine




Panasonic Automatic MIG welder , Steel Rould Pot Automatic Welding Machine











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